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Carole King - Where you Lead

Loving you the way I do
I only wanna be with you
And I would go to the ends of the earth
Cause darling to me that’s what you’re worth

Where you lead
I will follow
Anywhere, that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow
Where you lead

If you’re out on the road
Feeling lonely and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I’ll be there
On the next train


I always wanted a real home
With flowers on the windowsill
But if you wanna live in New York City
Honey, you know I will
(yes I will, yes I will)

I never thought I could get satisfaction
From just one man
But if anyone could keep me happy
You’re the one who can

Chorus (x2)

Oh baby, oh, I’m gonna follow where you lead
I’m gonna follow where you lead
(I’m gonna follow where you lead) (x4)

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